We're still OPEN and happy to help you during these uncertain times. We are taking COVID-19 very seriously but know many of you can’t wait when it comes to getting your roof replaced. We want you to know we are here to help you.

We follow all social distancing best practices. We can work on your roof without the need to come in close contact with you or your family. We accept e-transfers and cheques to further reduce the need to come in close contact with us.

We understand that a roof is essential to your home to keep your family and your biggest investment safe and protected. Should you find yourself in need of a new roof please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Shingle Roofs

Most economical way to protect your home. When you need something quick and fast to maintain your home immediately, call our team today to get your free shingle quote. Tri-County Roofing recommends and stands behind the BP shingle. With its double tar line, extended wind warranties and our innovative nailing system, you can’t go wrong.

First we will remove your old shingles and throughly inspect the roof deck for any water damage or rot. Once everything meets our approval we will move forward by installing an ice and water shield at the first 3ft all the way around your roof. Then we install a syn felt over the rest of the roof. Tri-County Roofing does not install shingles on bare wood at all. After a complete wrap of underlay on your home, now your ready for your shingles!